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Class 8

What is MsingiPACK Academy?

Enjoy personalized learning for all primary school students in Kenya using our online content that is aligned to the Kenyan school curriculum. Continue learning all subjects through our many videos, notes and interactive content. Improve your revision with our numerous quizzes and KCPE exam bank.

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Here is a sample of our learning content

Geometry Video

Number Concept Video


We have realized it has been one of the best ways to cover the syllabus both in Junior & Upper primary.
-- Naftaly Ndegwa: Lily Academy

You fail a question and it not only gives you a correct answer but also a step by step explanation.
-- Karen Nyokabi: Student Lily Academy

It involves Junior learners a lot because there is a place to drag and drop, there is a place where they need to type the answer, they need to know the spelling, know how to read.
-- Phoebe Muhalia: Teacher Juja Preparatory School

I enjoy the laptop with MsingiPACK so much because it is interactive. It is easy to remember what i have learnt.
-- Gladys Lokilamak: Student Asilong Primary School, Pokot Count

I thank God for MsingiPACK....my daughter is waiting to Join campus. She had an A- ,I look back and thank God for each and everyone who contributed positively to my children.......and I thank you as a team for your dedication.
-- Purity Sang, Parent

It's the best E learning system ever.
-- Albert Kiprich, Student

Students can use it to expand their knowledge. No need to go to the library often.
-- Nelson Muturi: Director Lily Academy

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